Our Products

Developed in collaboration with leading research organisations

Lindo’s range of germicidal light products has been designed, developed and manufactured in Australia to revolutionise disinfection in the defence, health and transport industries.

They’re safer, more affordable, more sustainable and more effective than the alternatives, and many of them are world-first solutions only available from Lindo.

Lindo Chamber

Instant equipment disinfection

Manual disinfection can take hours and require expensive, dangerous chemical disinfectants. Lindo Chamber allows you to disinfect almost instantaneously with minimal cost (as little as 1 cent per item).

This fully modular, enclosed unit uses germicidal lighting to safely and quickly neutralise up to 99.9% of pathogens on any item inside it. That includes patient stretchers, medical equipment and almost any other item that requires disinfection.

The system includes detailed tracking, reporting and notifications – so that you always know when equipment has been disinfected and are alerted when it requires disinfection again.

Lindo Light

Automatic surface disinfection

Lindo Light is a collection of high-quality germicidal light fittings, designed and manufactured in Australia using local componentry and high quality Finnish LEDs.

These fittings can be custom designed to suit your requirements then automated to enable safe, cost effective and efficient disinfection of surfaces.

Products in development

Lindo Air

ECS and HVAC systems

Germicidal lighting installed into HVAC and ventilation systems to automatically disinfect air and reduce the spread of pathogens. Research has commenced with the University of Melbourne and The Peter Doherty Institute. This has been facilitated through an Innovations Connections grant.

Patents Pending

Lindo Tube

Germicidal lighting solution

A world-first germicidal lighting solution designed to significantly reduce the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia.

Patents Pending

Lindo & Gangi Germicidal Systems ensure that each install is both safe and compliant with Australian standards.