Case Studies

Germicidal lighting technology in action

Lindo’s products have countless applications in most industries, including defence, healthcare, transportation, childcare and much more. Due to their versatility, effectiveness and automation Lindo has several happy customers using its products.

Victorian Government Department of Health

Aged Care Facilities – Germicidal Ultraviolet Project (GUVP)

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) represent a significant challenge in aged care facilities, adversely impacting resident outcomes. Seasonal HAIs including COVID-19, influenza, norovirus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are a significant public health issue in Australia when compared with other health conditions.

Incorporating antimicrobial blue light and UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) systems in aged care facilities yields significant advantages for residents, staff, and overall operational efficacy. These advanced systems actively eliminate harmful pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, thereby creating a cleaner and safer environment. 

For residents, this translates to a reduced risk of infections, leading to improved health outcomes and a higher quality of life. Staff members also benefit from a healthier workplace, which reduces the likelihood of contract illnesses, subsequently lowering absenteeism and ensuring consistent, high-quality care for residents. Moreover, the implementation of these systems can lead to enhanced operational efficiencies by decreasing the frequency and severity of outbreaks, minimizing the disruption to daily activities. 

By fostering a more hygienic and secure environment, antimicrobial blue light and UVGI systems are invaluable tools in elevating the standards of aged care.

Emergency Transport

Lindo Chamber for patient stretcher disinfection – Air Ambulance Victoria

In an industry where every second counts and resources are at critically low levels, Air Ambulance Victoria required a solution to reduce the amount of time taken for paramedics to disinfect patient stretchers and to also reduce the amount of chemical exposure to these invaluable members of the community. 

In late 2021 Ambulance Victoria started using Lindo Chamber to enable fast, automatic, disinfection of patient stretchers.

Paramedics and healthcare staff quickly embraced the technology, finding it both easy to use and effective. Their team highlighted the tracking and monitoring of disinfection that the product provides as particularly useful. This feature allows users to know exactly when equipment has been disinfected and alerts them when it is next due for disinfection.

The chamber has been frequently used when transporting COVID-19 positive patients and staff have begun to use it to regularly disinfect other medical equipment.

Aircraft Disinfection

Lindo Light is ideally suited to aircraft and emergency transport disinfection

Traditional manual disinfection of aircraft and emergency transportation takes time, degrades materials and exposes the workforce to hazardous chemicals.

Our chemical free solutions enable fast, automated disinfection of all aircraft and vehicle surfaces and equipment to reduce the spread of pathogens and keep occupants safe.

The time saving benefits of the technology are particularly significant – operators no longer have to manually disinfect surfaces and equipment, or purchase and use harsh, dangerous chemicals to disinfect.

The set-and-forget technology is easy to use, requiring little to no input – perfect for fast paced environments.

Kapitol engaged GGS to install a UV filtration system for our new head office and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

The disinfecting system is a wonderful innovation and with COVID still a prominent issue in the community, has made our workplace safer for our staff by ensuring the air is as clean and pure as possible.

Andrew Deveson

Co-Founder & Director, Kapitol Group

Kapitol Group

Kapitol Group engaged GGS to install a Lindo system within the existing HVAC network in their headquarters.

In 2022, Kapitol Group identified a need to provide a healthier workplace to not only encourage existing staff to return to the office, but equally to serve as an attractor for people to join their ever-growing workforce.

By actively reducing the spread of pathogens, the Lindo system continues to provide the level of comfort and surety sought by Kapitol Group and its personnel.

The Lindo system has also materially reduced biofilm build-up in the HVAC system resulting in reduced maintenance overhead.

Geelong Football Club

The club engaged GGS to install a combination of Lindo Air and Surface disinfection systems within its high-altitude training room

For reigning AFL premiers, the Geelong Football Club, keeping high-performance players and staff healthy, focused and firing on all cylinders is critical for success.

Fully automated, the Lindo system continuously disinfects air while the room is in use and disinfects high-contact surfaces once the room is vacated, without the use of chemicals.

It gives the playing group confidence the club are taking the extra steps to assure our health and safety.

Sam Simpson

Player, Geelong Football Club

With the correct exposure and strength, UVGI light can neutralise up to 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses it touches.