Leading edge germicidal lighting technologies

Lindo is an Australian company that’s redefining disinfection and hygiene in the health, defence and transport industries. Our products provide automated, affordable, effective and sustainable disinfection, no harsh chemicals required.

Proven germicidal lighting technology. New possibilities.

Germicidal lighting uses rays of UV-C or blue light to neutralise up to 99.99% of pathogens in the air and on hard surfaces. It’s a proven technology that’s been used effectively for decades in hospitals, laboratories and more.

With tier-one research organisations such as Swinburne, University of Melbourne and The Peter Doherty Institute, Lindo are developing groundbreaking products to harness this technology in new ways.


Automated system with minimal input needed


Neutralises up to 99.99% of pathogens


No harsh chemicals required

Cost efficient

Reduces procurement and resource costs

Australian made

100% Australian made and designed


Backed by leading research organisations

Our Products

Lindo’s range of germicidal light products has been designed, developed and manufactured in Australia to revolutionise disinfection in the defence, health and transport industries.

Lindo Chamber

Instant equipment disinfection

Portable instant disinfection for patient stretchers, military equipment and other items.

Lindo Light

Automatic surface disinfection

Lindo Light is a collection of high-quality germicidal light fittings, designed and manufactured in Australia.

Products in development

Lindo are developing leading edge germicidal lighting technology to revolutionise disinfection.

Industries that see huge benefits from Lindo’s germicidal lighting technologies


In fast-paced environments like hospitals and patient transport, Lindo makes disinfection easier, with automated solutions for the disinfection of the air, patient stretchers and other surfaces.

Commercial Aviation

The commercial aviation industry can be a vector for the spread of pathogens. Lindo products automatically disinfect air and surfaces to stop bacteria and viruses in their tracks.


Lindo’s Australian-made products automate disinfection to stop the spread of pathogens amongst military personnel, and mitigate chemical and biological threats.

Case Study

Emergency transport: Custom chambers to disinfect patient stretches

In late 2021 Ambulance Victoria started using Lindo Chamber on a one-year trial basis to enable fast, automatic, disinfection of patient stretchers. Paramedics and healthcare staff quickly embraced the technology, finding it both easy to use and effective.

Research & development into emerging germicidal lighting sources

Our experienced team have collaborated with leading scientists to develop a range of cutting edge, first-to-market products to revolutionise cleaning and disinfection. Lindo are conducting research and development with tier-one research organisations so we can continue to innovate.

  • Swinburne University
  • Eurofins
  • Signify

With the correct exposure and strength, UVGI light can neutralise up to 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses it touches.