New Possibilities. Cutting Edge Germicidal Products.

Gangi Germicidal Systems, through our Lindo product line, is proud to design and manufacture defence and aviation services and products. Our purpose is provide healthier environments for defence and personnel, reduce the spread of disease and reduce the stress and work load associated with manual disinfection.

Healthy personnel are more productive and alert and Lindo products can assist the defence and aviation industries achieve these outcomes.

Gangi Germicidal Systems and Lindo have been invited to form part of the Australian Defence Forces trade delegation at Sea-Air-Space 2023 in Washington DC. Sea-Air-Space brings the U.S. defence industry and key military decision-makers together for three days of informative educational sessions, important policy discussions and a dynamic exhibit hall floor.

Our Products

Lindo’s range of germicidal light products has been designed, developed and manufactured in Australia to revolutionise disinfection in the defence, health, aviation and transport industries.

They’re safer, more affordable, more sustainable and more effective than the alternatives, and many of them are world-first solutions only available from Lindo.

Lindo Chamber

Instant equipment disinfection

Portable instant disinfection for patient stretchers, military equipment and other items.

Lindo Light

Automatic surface disinfection

Lindo Light is a collection of high-quality germicidal light fittings, designed and manufactured in Australia using patented Bluelight LED technology.

New Possibilities.
Cutting Edge Germicidal Products.

Use Cases

At Gangi Germicidal Systems and Lindo we think outside the box. We take the principals of proven germicidal lighting and apply them in ways not thought of previously.

Below are just 2 of our innovative use cases for this proven technology. Automated, fixed solutions that mitigate human error and the reliance on chemicals.

Emergency Transport

Lindo Chamber for patient stretcher disinfection – Ambulance Victoria

In late 2021 Ambulance Victoria started using Lindo Chamber on a one-year trial basis to enable fast, automatic, disinfection of patient stretchers.

Paramedics and healthcare staff quickly embraced the technology, finding it both easy to use and effective. Their team highlighted the tracking and monitoring of disinfection that the product provides as particularly useful. This feature allows users to know exactly when equipment has been disinfected and alerts them when it is next due for disinfection.

The chamber has been frequently used when transporting COVID-19 positive patients and staff have begun to use it to regularly disinfect other medical equipment.

Aircraft Disinfection

Lindo Light and Lindo Chamber are ideally suited to aircraft disinfection

Our products enable fast, automated disinfection of all aircraft surfaces and equipment to reduce the spread of pathogens and keep occupants safe.

The time saving benefits of the technology are particularly significant – aircraft operators no longer have to manually disinfect surfaces and equipment, or purchase and use harsh, dangerous chemicals to disinfect.

The set-and-forget technology is easy to use, requiring little to no input – perfect for fast paced environments.

Download more information

Please feel free to download our white paper and quad chart. Our whitepaper take a deeper dive into the technology we use and the benefits it can have for the defence and aviation industries.

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New Possibilities.
Cutting Edge Germicidal Products.